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What our happy clients have to say about us.


Happy Clients

12 caroline St Kingsgrove

Outstanding Service & calls for an exception


I typically do not write reviews but the outstanding service I received from our Real Estate Agent Violet Mansour-Jamil (Violet Mansour Realty) calls for an exception.  

From the first meeting I had months before with a few prospective Local Agents, Violet stood out to me as considerate and understanding of my family situation.  She was not pushy and made me feel at ease, patiently explaining all the options.

Violet was understanding and sensitive to my needs, when it came to selling an inherited family home. What I mean by that, I was not just a “sale” to her, she genuinely cared to get to know myself and familiarize herself with what I was comfortable with in regard to putting the home up for Auction.

Violet was always approachable and 100% professional, she was patient with my questions, and knew when to be assertive when needed. She is an asset to the local community and my family greatly appreciate everything she did for us.

Thanks again Violet.


Ms Victoria Tsirigotis

64 Woolcott St Earlwood

Honest and friendly Real Estate professional


Testimonial to Violet Mansour-Jamil,

We knew Mrs. Violet Mansour for years when we bought a property and then engaged her for leasing.

Violet proved to be an honest and friendly Real Estate professional whose words and services is second to none.

Since then we maintained our relationship beyond business as we found her a decent person with good heart and character that inspired importance of charity work and giving back to communities.  

Recently, we engaged Violet for selling a property in Earlwood again that we don't regret as she took extra miles to help us with marketing and progressing to a successful auction.

In this process under circumstances surrounding our case she established amazing rapport with our family and her kind attention to our non-financial needs is still going on.

We highly recommend property owners to get in touch and consider using her brilliant services for their Real Estate dealings including management of their capital assets.

Violet will be on your side with fairness and meticulous attention to financial aspects with a lasting pleasant and unforgettable experience.

Bijan Dehestani

12 Grove St Earlwood

Absolute professional

Review submitted by the vendor

Violet acted for me as the agent in the sale of house. She is an absolute professional who constantly and consistently acted in my best interests and always kept me informed and aware of progress. I am delighted with the result and would always recommend her to any prospective client.
I also, from firsthand experience , know that Violet is a dedicated participant in Rotary, Meals on Wheels delivery and as a director of the Canterbury Earlwood Caring Association Limited.

Bruce Andrew

15 Alfred St Clemton park

outstanding result

Review submitted by the vendor

Violet is great to deal with, gets the job done with a smile and does it well.

Always a pleasure to deal with.

Tony Bechara

11 Stone St Earlwood

outstanding result

Selling a home of 28 years is a life changing decision and I am so pleased the sale was in Violet Mansours safe hands.  She has incredible knowledge of the Earlwood market with many years as a local real estate agent.  

Friends asked why I had chosen her agency over more established brands that also have long standing relationships and knowledge of the market in Earlwood.

The reason is simple -the agency doesn’t sell a house the agent does. It comes down to the individual’s business ethics, attributes,professionalism, skills and experience and Violet has them all. She is an absolute pleasure to work with – always happy, always on time and impeccably dressed even during the rain.  

Her update reports were very well written, clear, concise and informative and provided valuable insights on how the inspections were progressing.  Her work ethic and no drama approach to issues are second to none.

What I most valued was the respect she showed every person she brought to my home and her desire to help them with any questions or enquiries they had. I loved that approach as its hard being a buyer and I appreciate that she treated everyone so professionally.

The trust I placed inher to sell my lovely home and garden met with an outstanding result even under the constraints of Covid19 restrictions.  Violet is simply the best so if you are a buyer or a seller you won’t go wrong with Violet Mansour Realty.

Patricia Verden

8 McGrath Ave Earlwood Copy

Skill, determination and composure

Dear Violet,

Thank you for everything: for your consistently hard work at all hours of day and night, and for your persistence in overcoming a vast range of obstacles, which your long and wide experience has enabled you to anticipate and deal with, from whichever direction they might come.

Your skill has been evident from the beginning. You have handled people with patience and tact at every turn -- and, as you have said, there are indeed many unexpected turns in the work you do.

You have been ready to come to the property on countless occasions, whenever you could see that this would benefit the ultimate cause: the best possible sale for the owner. You have negotiated with unfailing courtesy numerous different voices, opinions and hopeful, even combative offers from potential buyers.

Because the sale was instigated by two different people with power of attorney, working at a distance, you have had to deal with different views and approaches from the vendor's side as well. You carried out in an equable manner the additional task of keeping us all informed at every new development, so that appropriate and timely decisions could be made.

And of course, the recent lockdowns have only served to introduce new hurdles to be overcome. This has meant that you have needed to use and even invent procedures appropriate to this unparalleled challenge. The whole of the last week or so, with an upcoming auction ever in view — and held out clearly for those hopeful buyers to keep in mind — has been no doubt an additional challenge. This was exacerbated by the silent auction which was thrust upon you. Again, you have handled all the twists and turns of the last few days with consummate skill, determination and composure.

Margaret and I will not hesitate to recommend you to any potential vendor (or buyer), and will gladly use the opportunity to make known any or all of this letter to any interested persons.

Yours sincerely,

Jeff and Margaret Cayzer

8 McGrath Ave Earlwood

A gold star

Dear Violet,

Thank you very much for your effective work. Thanks too for fulfilling expectations with a gold star. My initial misgivings of you being a sole trader and not a large branded group were not at all visited and I think we have had an excellent result. You are worth a team! Your tenacity and social IQ with local knowledge is really something!

Best wishes

Zara Pennicook

Mrs Zara Pennicook

9 Shaw Ave Earlwood

Impressive and reliable

Sold by Violet

The owners have entrusted us with their property to ensure they receive the highest level of service, commitment and focus.

We prepared for a successful sale and sold above expectations.


If you have any family or friends thinking of making a move?

I can be reach 24/7on 0411578003 orviolet@violetmansourrealty.com  

Mr & Mrs Atalgic

5/19-25 Flinders Rd Earlwood

Fortunate to have Violet as my agent

I Sold my Town house with the aid of Violet.

While this is typically a stressful process,Violet was incredibly helpful and provided us constant updates on the process and explained all technicalities in an easy to understand manner.

I am grateful for her professional management of all matters leading up to the auction date as well as the successful sale of the property above the asking price.

Shi Xiong Li

71A River st Earlwood

Fortunate to have Violet as my agent

I have known Violet for approx. 25 years both in a professional capacity as well as a friend.

I have always found Violet to be very diligent in her approach to her work.

I was fortunate to have Violet as my agent when I needed to sell my family home. It was an emotional time but Violet treated me with incredible respect and guided me through the process which led to the selling of the home achieving a great sale price. Her knowledge in property sales is extensive and this made me very comfortable in dealing with her.

I would highly recommend Violet as an agent as Violet will give great service and obtain an excellent result.  

Rosetta Gunning.

12 Fricourt Ave Earlwood

Tireless efforts

“We are incredibly grateful to Violet for her professionalism, honesty and understanding.

Impressed with the service  provided in property management,  the knowledge, experience and expertise made  the obvious choice when it came time to sell.

Although the sale of our property was an emotional one, Violet was personable, understanding and always ensured we were kept in the loop, making the entire process less daunting.

Kept us involved in every step of the process to ensure we were comfortable and were able to manage our expectations as well as those of the buyers to guarantee we received the best possible result at sale.

Violet, thank you again for your tireless efforts. We could not have chosen  better and will always recommend you highly without hesitation.”

Maria DeBari ‍

32 Schofield St Earlwood

Stress-free sale

On behalf of my mother Edith and myself, we would like to express our appreciation in regards to the successful sale of Mum's home of 48 years.

With Mum not in the best of health, we were definitely relying on someone we could trust, be honest, and most of all stress-free sale. From that very first meeting with you Violet, that is exactly what you delivered plus a whole lot more.

You always kept in contact advising results of open days, offers, and feedback from prospective buyers. You were always obliging, co-operative, and caring. Even amongst all the preparation and organisation leading up to the sale, you were so supportive and understanding and would always ask How's Mum".

The overwhelming number of buyers on Auction day was a result of your personal commitment through the extensive advertising campaign and communication.

Both Mum and I were overjoyed with the result of the sale.

Thank you Violet for taking on so much of the "heavy load" and allowing Mum to concentrate on her own health which has now improved.

God definitely got it right when he created you, and the world is a better place with you in it.

All the best for the future

Yours Faithfully

Rosie Baigent

15 Wavell Parade, Earlwood

Extremely caring and honest

Selling the a home which has been in the family for over 60 years is bound to be an emotional time, but for myself and my family it was made that much easier with Violet.

Violet was extremely caring, honest and they kept us fully informed throughout the entire process.

The advertising and marketing used meant that our open houses were always extremely successful and ensured that a good crowd of potential buyers turned up on auction day, resulting in an end bid that was over and above what our family ever imagined.

We would have no hesitation in recommending Violet to anybody looking to sell their property as she made our experience a well informed and pleasant one.

 Lynne Mundy and family

43 Hocking Ave Earlwood

Excellent customer service skills.

We engaged the services of Violet Mansour to sell our family home of 40 years.

Throughout the sale process, we found Violet to be very professional, friendly and with excellent customer service skills.

She provided us with valuable advice along the way and was diligent5 about communicating with us regularly to keep us informed about potential buyers.

We were extremely satisfied with Violet's services and with achieved a sale result we were pleased with. We would not hesitate in recommending Violet as a real estate professional.

Yours Sincerely

Lydia Tarabay

18 crew St Bardwell Park

Wonderful service

Dear Violet,

I am writing to convey my sincere appreciation for the exceptional level of professionalism and enthusiasm that you displayed, when recently selling our client’s home in Bardwell Park. Like all prudent vendors, my client obtained services from several estate agents both locally, and outside the area. Our client’s home was marketed each time for Auctioning and failed to draw any interest on each and every single occasion. It was quite disheartening and emotionally stressful for my client especially because my client was given endless empty promises – I felt that these agents took advantage of my client’s humbleness. The quality of service and level of professionalism was lacking.

The Vendors choice to engage yourself to handle the sale was the best decision he made! It was uneventful, stress free and most importantly, you delivered over and above what was promised! It was the first time in the three years that the property was marketed that any real interest was drawn. Not only did you offer experienced informative advice on the sale and marketing of the property your communication, mannerism, attitude not just with me, but also client had been nothing less than exceptional! I have had over 14 years experience in the legal industry and have not come across an agent like you.

As a solicitor, I was most impressed with your attention to detail and expertise during the whole process. It was evident you were working for the vendor and that his interests and needs were being protected and addressed and put first. This resulted in an excellent result and completely satisfied client.

Violet, I thank you and congratulate you on your wonderful service and know that any prospective sellers that cross your path would receive the same level of service that you have provided my client with. I have absolutely no hesitation whatsoever in recommending your services to prospective sellers and would be more than happy to act as a reference should you at any time require one. Thank you again and all the very best for the future.

Yours faithfully

YAZBEK LAWYERS, Natalie D Yazbek Moses

97 Bayview Ave Earlwood

Dynamic professional approach left no stones unturned

Dear Violet,

When the hard decision to sell my home of 67 years was made, Violet was the only real estate agent from Earlwood and surrounding district who replied to the SOS that day. Immediately your dynamic professional approach left no stones unturned.  

Every week a summary of numbers of viewers and prices offered were forwarded.

I have no hesitation in recommending you, Violet, to anyone unfortunate enough to sell their property but fortunate enough to select you Violet as their real estate agent to sell your home for the best results, e.g. the price achieved what I expected was way above reserve price  in fact $173,500.00 above.

It has been reported as a record auction price for Earlwood.

 My sincere thousands of thanks to you Violet from the bottom of my heart.

 Best wishes for the future.

Good health and happiness too.


11 Mooney Ave Earlwood

Professionalism and personal touch

Dear Violet,

Thank you so much for the excellent work carried out by you in the selling of our house and land at Mooney Ave, Earlwood.

The professionalism and personal touch were much appreciated this along with the advertising, photo shoot and auctioneer all organised by you resulted in a quick and successful sale which we are very thankful for. The meetings prior to the auction were of great help in making our decisions.

I have no hesitations in recommending you to anyone looking for excellent service in the selling off a property.

Kind regards,

Colin Johnstone

1 Gretchen Ave Earlwood

Experience and expertise

Selling the family home of 40 years was quite an emotional time for me. So when meeting with Violet was my first contact.

Right from the very beginning of the selling process, she provided a very personal, committed and honest approach, which is what impressed me. Her experience and expertise in the area all added up to a really great end result.

The marketing and advertising was fantastic, with the photography making the house look really impressive, both online and in the local paper.

I felt that Violet worked relentlessly ,communicating after each weekend , keeping me informed throughout the entire marketing campaign.

On Auction day all her hard work certainly paid off, achieving over and above what I ever imagined. Her diligence and patience with all the parties involved just made the whole experience a pleasure.

I would have absolutely no hesitation in recommending Violet .

Joe Attard

15 Clemton Ave Earlwood

A Happy seller and a Happy Buyers

A picture is worth a thousand word

Robinson and Zarimis

28/299 Lakemba St Lakemba

Outstanding professionalism

Dear Violet

Thank you so much, it was a pleasure having you handle the sale of my property in Lakemba.

Your professionalism was outstanding.

I would recommend you to anybody who wants to sell their property

Thank you again Violet

Ann Sawyer

20/38-40 Meryla St Burwood

Impressive hard work

Dear Violet,

Thank you so much for all your hard work on this file.

We have been so impressed by you and your team and will not hesitate to recommend you to our friends and family.

We will also definitely have you in mind when looking to sell or buy other properties in the future.

Many Thanks, again

Sam Raneri

38 Fuller Avenue Earlwood

Successful negotiator

Dear Violet,

Thank you very much for all the hard work you put into the sale of our Earlwood home.

We appreciate the extra effort you put in to marketing, open homes and of course the successfully negotiated sale.

We are very happy with the result and would gladly recommend you and your agency.

Yours sincerely,

Julius Pucci

12 Miller St Kingsgrove

Professionalism, expertise and dedication

Dear Violet

I would like to thank you for your exceptional service you provided during the sale process of 12 Miller St Kingsgrove.

It was wonderful to have my property in your hands.

Your professionalism, expertise and dedication during the process is commended.

An outstanding result, and a very happy vendor.

Thank you. and Regards,

Anna Nicolau

13/300 Canterbury Rd Canterbury

Happy to use your services again

Hi Violet,

 Just a quick Thank you for the great work on the sale of my apartment at 13/300  Canterbury Rd Canterbury.

Even though initial numbers were down on what we had hoped, your persistence 

and never give up attitude was crucial in securing a deal.

A big thank you once again for the great result and timely communication all the way through.

Would  be happy to use your services again in the future.


Andrew Cha-Cha

8 Pangee St Kingsgrove

 Great effort and excellent communications

I would like to thank you for the great effort and achievement you have accomplished with the sale of my property

 This does not come as a surprise for me as I have dealt with you in other transactions.

 Such achievement can only be accomplished through great effort and excellent Communications with the clients.

I am looking forward for the next transaction I can conduct through you.

Peter Azrak

22 Malley Ave Earlwood

Focused on our needs and interests,

We found Violet Mansour- Jamil a very approachable, communicative and trustworthy throughout the process of selling our house.

Thorough and conscientious in the provision of a sale schedule, and sustained and detailed oral and written feedback, we felt the agents were always focused on our needs and interests, with excellent local knowledge.

The photographer chosen by the agency was professional,creative and methodical.

It was a pleasure to work with such a friendly, competent and professional agency, who we would recommend to others.

Kay and Nick Cortessis

14 Forsyth St Kingsgrove

Amazing people skills

We would like to Thank You for your professionalism on the sale of our property.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your amazing people skills and all the efforts That you went too to make something so stressful seem so easy the ongoing attention to detail and all our questions and requests were answered.

Violet I would also like to thanks you personally for taking the time to get to know us as I was going through a stress full time with Angelo not well those few phone calls you made to see if all went well and If I need anything put a smile on my face this shows true compassion for us the people, you made me feel like we were not just your clients but friends.

We wish you  all the best and hope we can do business again this time purchasing property.

Thanks and Kind regards

Angel and Anna Mantzikopoulos

43 Mallee Ave Earlwood

smooth, stress - free home selling experience.

I am writing to express my satisfaction regarding a local real estate agent Violet Mansour-Jamil, who represented us with the sale of our home.

Violet Guided us through the entire process, from advertising through to the actual sale and closing the deal. we credit Violet with a smooth, stress - free home selling experience.

We had such a satisfying experience as Violet was very helpful, informative, personable and knows the market very well.

She was able to answer any questions we had with the sale and kept in touch with us through the whole process.

To reiterate, we are nothing but pleased with Violet's expertise and would recommend her to anyone wanting to sell property.

Mrs J Saklamakis

35 Gueudecourt Ave Earlwood

Commitment and tenacity

Violet we were impressed with your commitment and tenacity during the whole Process

firstly I would like to compliment you on stepping us through the complex sale of a property from go to woe.

You made the experience very comfortable for us with your expert guidance and professionalism.

You manage all aspects of the sale from advertising, promotion and completion,plus kept us in the loop all the time with constant communication through phone calls and website access.

Your ongoing attention to details and all our questions or requests were dealt with in a first class manner.

We could not imagine how we would have got through this process without the constant assistance from Violet as well as the fine crew on the day.

We highly recommend you.

Many thanks

Allan & Deborah Hobbs

25/74 Wardwell Rd Earlwood

Excellent Real Estate Agent

Violet Mansour Jamil sold my property in Earlwood.

I found Violet an excellent Real Estate Agent who kept me informed during the auction process and always gave me genuine honest feedback.

I found Violet to be very professional with excellent communications skills which are essential for a good agent

Ann Tattle

21 Fleet St Earlwood

"Thank you"

Resting, relaxing and restoring is our next duties.

Thank you for the sale of our home Thank you for your helpful nature and kindness.

All the best and good luck for the future.

Bobby and Robert Nagi

41/74 Wardwell Rd Earlwood

Above and beyond.

Violet was a delight to work with. She is friendly, honest, approachable

and went above and beyond.

We would not hesitate in recommending Violet to anyone looking at selling.

Emily Robinson

12 Darley Rd Bardwell Park

Tough and charming


I would just like to thank you and the team at Century 21 Earlwood with the sale of my mother’s house in Bardwell Park.

At every stage I was kept up to date in every aspect of the sale process, making the sale an easy task.

Totally pro job all the way.


John Cotter.

93 William St Earlwood

Tough and charming

Supported by the usual good stuff of a sound business,the value add from Violet is her tireless presence at open inspections and prompting to keep all to schedule.

You can be confident if Violet is on your team.

We met a number of real estate agents to find the agent that we thought was the best person for us. We found that person when we met Violet.  Violet was excellent.Knowledgeable and professional, and guided us through the whole process so that we were confident and happy at every step of the way I would have no hesitation in recommending Violet.

Market Knowledge - 5*****Stars

Communication Skills – 5 ***** stars

Credibility – 5***** stars

Negotiation Skills – 5 ***** stars

Christine & Kenneth Jackson

9 Wagrove Ave Earlwood

High integrity and straight-shooters

I wanted to write a letter of recommendation for you Violet after the magnificent result you achieved in auctioning our family home.

When we were selecting an agent, we assessed the agents we spoke to on the basis of whether we would be comfortable buying a house from them. My brother and I both felt that we would have a high level of confidence dealing with you if we were looking to buy a property.

You were clearly of high integrity and straight-shooters. We responded to this and we thought prospective buyers would also (which they clearly did).

You made the whole process simple and put in an enormous effort in terms of mining prospects on your database, opening up the property and working with prospective buyers. I was particularly impressed with the consistent feedback you gave me through prompt phone calls after each open house and through weekly correspondence. I felt that I knew what was happening at all times.

As you know, our parents built the house and it was our only family home. Selling a home is stressful enough but these circumstances added an extra emotional dimension. Your sensitivity and care was instrumental in making the sale process smooth and actually enjoyable. It was good to have a bit of a laugh along the way. Once the property was on the market, I felt like a load had been taken from me and shifted to you which was a great relief.

9 Waygrove is the 5th house I have sold. I can safely say that it was not only the most successful sale in terms of outcome but the most stress-free and enjoyable. That is because of you & all the team. The result on Saturday was beyond our wildest expectations and I can’t thank you enough.

I wish you all the very best in the future.

Dianne Banks

1/156 Homer St Earlwood

Professionalism and competency

I engaged the services of Violet Mansour-Jamil to execute the sale of my Investment property.

I cannot speak highly enough of the sales department led by Violet Mansour-Jamil, using her years of real estate experience secured a very satisfactory sale in a matter of several weeks.

from the initial interview with the sales and marketing manager through to the completion and signing of the contract , Violet displayed a high level of professionalism and competency and I was very pleased with the results achieved.

I have no hesitation in recommending the services of violet Mansour-Jamil to future clients.

Peter Thomas Kinkade

9 Weston St Revesby

Passion, knowledge & marketing strategy

Being a first time home seller, pregnant and having already bought a new home, selling our existing home in Revesby seemed like a process that was stressful to say the very least. Violet you most definitely proved Cheyne and I very wrong. At the time Revesby went up for sale, we were experiencing some rough times with my pregnancy and you made the utmost effort to relieve us of any stress which could have been associated with selling our home from contacting us frequently for updates, giving honest feedback or opinions, travelling to meet with us and even travelling to and from our solicitors office for paper work, you always managed to go out of your way for us. We are forever grateful!

Even though you sold our home which was completely out of your area, I do believe that real estate is about passion,knowledge of property, marketing and strategy you had all of these things an it did not matter that you were out of area. Thank you again for all your efforts and an amazing result that well exceeded any of our expectations and most importantly exceeded our reserve :)

Donna Massey

18 Eulabah Ave Earlwood

Professional but also very friendly

For anyone thinking of selling their property, I have no hesitation in recommending Violet Mansour - Jamil to act as their real estate agent.

I recently sold my property in Earlwood and Violet could not have being more helpful. Her manner was professional but also very friendly. I knew she was on my side.

She kept me well informed throughout the process and after each open house I was provided with a written report. The marketing led to a large number of inspections on my property.

Thank you to the team but most especially Violet.


5 Bardwell Crest Earlwood

"Recommend as one of the leading agents"

We were very pleased with the outcome achieved for the sale of our property and commend Ms Mansour-Jamil for her efforts!

Her market knowledge and calmness throughout the entire process was helpful and welcomed.

We would of course recommend Ms Mansour-Jamil as one of the leading agents in the Earlwood area.

Jim & Elena Softsis

8 Braeside Crest Earlwood

"Outstanding service"

We used Violet Mansour for the sale of my mother's property in Earlwood NSW.

Violet was organized and diligent with her work always communicated well with me.  

I live in Cairns QLD so this was very important to me.

Whenever there was open house Violet always rang to let me know how it went.

Thank you Violet you were reliable and very helpful your service was outstanding.

I would be only to happy to use your service again and recommend you to others.


27 Flers Ave Earlwood

"Energy and professionalism"

From the moment we were introduced to Violet Mansour it was clear to see that this was a person of great knowledge and skill in the Real Estate Game in Earlwood.

Violet was able to clearly detail step by step the process that we needed to go through during the marketing campaign to sell our property.

The fact that Violet had such great knowledge of the area it became easy to formulate the marketing campaign through both print media and social media.

The marketing campaign was very extensive and successful with over 100 people inspecting the property.Violet very clearly and professionally updated both of us after every inspection held to the property.

Violet showed an enormous amount of energy with two open house days being held on Wednesday and Saturdays, but on top of that she would also during the week show prospective buyers by appointment.

Violet's ’ best qualities we found was the relentless communication between the prospective buyers and ourselves.

This was very evident on the day of the Auction when Violet continued to negotiate after the Auctioneer passed the property in without a sale, it was Violet's energy that continued with both parties to get a satisfactory result for both parties.

We can highly recommend Violet for her energy and professionalism to anyone that is in the market to sell their property.

John & Monica Pugliano

14 Hansen St Earlwood

"A good negotiator"

My wife, daughter and I found Violet Mansour  to be very sincere and have very good knowledge of the inner west area.

Violet offered good advice, worked with tenacity and kept us informed at all times.

I must say she was a good negotiator and achieved the result that both parties were happy with.

Well done and Thank you Violet!

Allen, Helena and Sandra

10 Dickson St Strathfield

"Highly recommended"

My sister and I were fortunate to have engaged Violet to represent us, and our parents, on the sale of the family home in Strathfield.

During the entire inspection process Violet offered us sound advice, and arranged for all necessary aspects of the matter to be carried out smoothly, seamlessly and also with real compassion.  Our parents were leaving their home after 40 years and Violet was well aware of that, and made sure that there was no unnecessary stress for them, and for us.

We obtained an excellent sale price at auction and, again, the conduct of the auction and the advice received from Violet regarding reserves, and strategy during the auction, was invaluable.

I would unhesitatingly recommend Violet’s services to any prospective vendor, or purchaser.

Veronica Chapman

197A Bexley Rd Kingsgrovre

"Professionalism and experience"

Firstly I would like to compliment you violet and the team on the recent sale of my property especially all the work that went into the whole process from start to finish

You made what is generally a very anxious experience very easy with their guidance and professionalism.

Managed all aspects of the sale from advertising,promotion and completion, plus kept me well informed all the time with constant communication

through phone calls and website access following each inspection and open house which was followed up by written reports sent via post.

The ongoing attention to detail and all questions or requests were dealt with in a professional manner. Every step of the process was carried out and

Completed as they said it would and the marketing and promotion lead to a greater than expected volume of viewings and inspections.

You showed that is somewhat rare to find in the real estate industry in recent years.

I would recommend them to anyone looking at selling their home.

Manuel Kalash

469 Homer St Earlwood

"Dedication, integrity and professionalism"

We would like to thank you for the sale of our home at 469 Homer St Earlwood.

The service and personal attention we received from the listing & selling agent – Violet Mansour-Jamil was exceptional. Her knowledge of the local market was very helpful and all matters were dealt in a professional manner. We had previously tried to sell our house but with no success. Violet advised us on how to better market our house. She was able to alleviate any concerns or queries we had with the sale of the house in a prompt and efficient manner.  This all led to positive outcome for us.

We would highly recommend  Violet Mansour-Jamil to any prospective sellers in future due to their dedication, integrity and professionalism throughout. 

Jim Mantzikopoulos

34 Flinders Rd Earlwood

"A great person to "have in your corner"

Violet Mansour-Jamil is a wonderful, kind and caring person.

As a real-estate agent she is a great person to "have in your corner" .

My husband and I were extremely impressed with her communication skills and her ability to attain that little bit extra in the price from a buyer to nudge the deal "over the line".

She really takes care of her clients and I wouldn't have any hesitation in recommending Violet to anyone who may be considering selling their property or needed advise in any matters related to real estate.

The home was Sold off market

Pauline Katafono

123 Northcote St Canterbury

"A quiet achiever that always delivers the goods"

Following my Father’s death, I along with my brother as joint executor, were responsible to sell my father’s home, the family home

of 57 yrs, full of wonderful memories.

We wished we didn't have to sell the home, so it was a very difficult time for his four adult children.

My brother spoke to few local Real Estate Agencies in the area and he then chose Century 21 because of Violet. I trusted his judgment and when I met her I was not disappointed.

When you first meet Violet, you meet a mature, obviously experienced Real Estate Agent, who gives sound advice, who listens and makes you feel at ease immediately. She presented us with the information required in a professional and easy to understand manner.

The whole process from beginning to selling at Auction, ran just as she had predicted, there were no surprises.. My brother and I were given

comprehensive regular reports through email, about the open days, offers made and any other relevant correspondence. There were also times when it was necessary to speak with Violet. It was always reassuring to know

that if we left message for her to call, she always phoned back that day.

At all times she did exactly what she said she would do and in the time that she said she would.

In summary I would describe Violet as a quiet achiever that always

delivers the goods.

I would not have any hesitation in recommending Violet to future Vendors, Buyers, as my family was not only happy with the outcome of the Auction sale of my Father’s home, but a very difficult time was made easier by dealing with an agent that was not only competent but showed great empathy and warmth towards us.

Galea & Mills

2/10 Monomeeth St Bexley

" True professional,warm, caring and a quiet achiever"

I met Violet Mansour-Jamil through the Rotary Club of Campsie.  Over the years, through her work with Rotary,Violet gives great service to our community and we have become good friends over this period.

I asked Violet in the first instance would to act as my agent to rent out my unit at Bexley, which she did very promptly and found me the perfect tenants.

When decided to sell my unit and asked my daughter to come to a meeting with Violet to arrange the sale.  After signing the agreement, my daughter said “you’ve definitely chosen the right person - Violet's lovely & so professional, I have every confidence in her”.

What could have been a really stressful time for me wasn’t, as Violet did everything possible to get a favourable outcome.  This included advertising on the internet, an editorial in the Valley Times, letterbox dropping and showing the unit (sometimes under trying circumstances).

Throughout the campaign Violet constantly communicated with me after each viewing.  When a potential buyer showed interest she followed up - all the time keeping me calm and informed.

The auction day arrived, Violet was on the phone to me on the Saturday morning, to see how I was coping, her manner was always very calm and reassuring.  Violet discussed with me that the price would reflect the market and not give any false expectations.

The price achieved for the unit that day was beyond my expectations.

Violet was never pushy or constantly “talking” – she answered the same questions I had asked her several times and was patient and consistent in her answers

Violet is a true professional who understands her business and her clients.  Violet is warm and caring and is a quiet achiever.

I have no hesitation in recommending Violet Mansour-Jamil professionally as a Real Estate Agent or personally as a friend

Lyn Bruderlin

47 Marana Rd Earlwood

 " Professional advice and Knowledgeable "

Hi Violet

I and my two brothers would very much like to thank you in respect to helpful and professional manner you handled the sale of my late father’s estate.

We found you and your team to be not only co-operative but always acting professional and having a good knowledge of the market.

Most important you reported to us at the end of each inspections.

The property was a deceased estate and there was no pressure from you to consider the offers made prior to auction.

You respected our wishes to allow the property to proceed to auction..

Your advice that we may be best served to proceed to auction in view of the status of the market also proved to be correct.

We do appreciate all the hard efforts put in by you and your team but more importantly we were very pleased with the result achieved at auction achieving a sale price

of $215000 above the reserve

Again many thanks and kind Regards

Eugene Lepore

12/59 Graham Rd Narawee

" A Real Estate Agents in an exemplary manner"

I would like to express my appreciation to you Violet and the team  for the very successful sale of my property, which was sold at auction and achieved an excellent result.

The entire sale process was hassle free and very professional and follow-up communication was always very prompt and informative.

I'd like to give special thanks to you Violet, for your time and effort throughout the whole sale process.

You are very easy to deal with and you representational Real Estate Agents in an exemplary manner.

I have no hesitation in recommending you to anyone considering selling their home in the area.

Simon Preziosa

13 Stone St Earlwood

"A dream to work with"

Violet pursued her work with the upmost diligence   professionalism.

 She presented a realistic picture of the options and worked tirelessly to obtain the best possible outcome for the sale of  

  my house. Her advice was sound and her ethical standpoint was  admirable in a profession characterised by disingenuous  marketeers.

Vendor Review —————Sold by Auction

- Overall Satisfaction *****stars

- Market Knowledge *****stars

- Communication Skills *****stars

- Negotiation Skills *****stars

- Credibility *****stars

 lissa. Frazer- Coleman

5/142 Homer St Earlwood

" Painless process" !

Dear Violet

Thank you so much for the quick and excellent sale of my property.

It has been a pleasure working with you and you made the process painless!

A good weight off my shoulders before my wedding.


33 Shaw Ave Earlwood

" Honesty & professionalism"

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you and your team, for the excellent job you did for us.

Violet from our very first visit you made us feel at ease & kept us Informed through every step.

Your honesty, professionalism & advice was greatly appreciated.

The auction & the experience of selling our property exceeded our expectations.

Will not hesitate to recommend or contact you in the future.

Alcino and Celia Rodrigues

22 Coney Rd Earlwood

Flexibility, honesty and understanding

We thank you for helping us sell our much-loved parent's home.

We are so thankful to have had you as our Agent. 

Your level of professionalism was exceptional, you listened to our needs and opinions and always offered us your expert advice.

You always updated us on the status of the Sale and we were tremendously thankful.

We would recommend you as a Real Estate Agent for many reasons,the most important of these reasons would be your commitment to us, yourflexibility and honesty and understanding.

Thank you Violet very much.

Josephine & family

6 Potter Ave Earlwood

I Couldn't be happier

I don't know how to thank you my dear Violet for all the things that you've done for me my dear friend.  

I was very grateful that I had you, your responsiveness and support throughout the process in selling our home and your extra assistance with my visa and my overseas move it took a lot of weight off my shoulders and worries from my mind.  Thank you for all your hard work and for making the whole process stress free with a desired outcome. I Couldn't be happier!  

I knew I could rely on you, you were an air of authenticity which is hard to find in this industry

You are a treasure,  a friend, a sister with integrity and warmth  which was a breath of fresh air,always willing to go the extra mile to assist.

I would recommend you to anyone wishing to use an agent to sell their home.  

Binnaz Sitki

25 Shaw Ave Earlwood

"Straight as a die"

I met Violet several years ago when she was the agent managing the sale of a property which would become my first home. As a buyer, I found her refreshingly plain spoken to talk with, and, as it turned out, straight as a die. She obviously cared not only about her client, the vendor, but about dealing fairly with potential buyers. I was impressed from the outset.

She then became my agent too, when I let out the property, and when we eventually sold it. She was thorough and diligent and a delight to work with.She demonstrated great attention to detail, and wanting the job done right the first time around. Throughout the sale, she was communicative and helpful, and negotiated an outstanding price for us; best of all, I knew she did it with the same sense of plain-dealing I had come to respect.

I don't hesitate to recommend Violet as a wonderful estate agent and would readily call on her again.

Linton & Emily
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